Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tycoon Lee Ka-shing: Philanthropy must be a way of life for Asians

A culture of charity

Tycoon Lee Ka-shing: Philanthropy must be a way of life for Asians
Wednesday September 6, 2006
Jasmine Yin

AMERICA has Warren Buffett and Bill Gates to champion giving — and Asia has Mr Li Ka-shing.
Yesterday, the Hong Kong tycoon, Asia's richest man, made his call to Asians to adopt a culture of philanthropy, saying charity is a way of investing for the future.
Speaking after receiving a lifetime award in recognition of his entrepreneurial achievements at the 6th Forbes Global CEO Conference at Shangri-La Hotel yesterday, Mr Li said: "In Asia, our traditional values encourage and even demand that wealth and means pass through lineage as an imperative duty. I urge and hope to persuade you, especially all of us in Asia, that if we are in a position to do so, that we transcend this traditional belief…................……(more)

Friday, September 15, 2006

In search of truth and harmony

In search of truth and harmony

Ed’s Corner

No one needs to be reminded that we live in a world made increasingly ugly by ignorance, prejudice and unwillingness to work towards win-win. If a small fraction of the money spent on actual warfare or preparing for such, were invested proactively (not as an after-the-fact necessity) in helping needy nations solve their social, environmental, and healthcare problems, the benefits and goodwill would last generations and accrue to the advantage of not simply all Americans, but all mankind. The converse is also true. We owe it to ourselves to seek facts, and to fully understand--for only through that process can we effectively deal with the problems we face. .................................................(more).