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FBI Thinks China is Greatest Threat -

Date: Nov 5, 2007
Sent by: Judy Lai

I am concern about the public's view about the "Chinese" and many of them will not know the difference between the Chinese and the Asian from other region of Asia, such as Vincent Chin's case twenty five years ago.

After 911 we could see how is the Mideast-American been treated. If any thing happen between USA and China in the future, we the Asian American will be at the firing line.
I do believe we have to reach out to the mainstream, to build up the goodwill in the community. Each of us can play a part of this to helping our public image.

We should remember the Generosity of the American for allow us to living in our American dream, it is time to give back. Please keep this in your heart for our Children and the next generation to come.

Judith Lai
John Chang Foundation, Inc

FBI Thinks China Is Greatest Threat

The Federal Bureau of Investigation believes that China poses the greatest threat to the U.S. in terms of espionage — and that thousands of “front companies” in America have been set up to aid Chinese spying, according to the Maldon Institute. A new report from the respected think tank, titled “The Chinese Secret Intelligence Service,” warns, “China’s intelligence services today consist of a vast shadowy organization that employs approximately 2 million full- or part-time agents. “Federal officials in the United States, in numerous interviews during the past year, say and have said that there are more foreign spies operating in the United States than during the Cold War . . . “In size and numbers, no country now can equal the numbers of Chinese spies in our country.”
The report quotes David Szady, FBI assistant director for counterintelligence, who said in a recent interview that the Chinese spymasters “figured out that what they want is throughout the United States, not just embassies, not just consulates. It’s a major effort.”
The Maldon Institute report states: “The FBI believes that for the next 10 to 15 years, China is the greatest threat to the United States. “The Bureau believes that today there are more than 3,000 ‘front’ companies in America whose real job is to direct espionage efforts. Then there are thousands of Chinese visitors, students and business people: how many of them have tasks to perform for Beijing’s Ministry of State Security?”
A great deal of the FBI’s information comes from the highest-ranking Chinese defector to arrive in Washington: Xu Junping, director of Strategy in Beijing’s Defense Ministry.
He claims that for five years he oversaw all operations against the U.S. and set up the business plans for the more than 3,000 Chinese companies launched to operate across the United States, according to the report. The report also intimates the success of the Chinese espionage: “An analyst in the Defense Intelligence Agency informed a colleague that during the past three years, the Chinese have stolen $24 billion worth of secrets, and that many of these items enabled Beijing to accelerate its space program . . . “The FBI also is following up on a number of investigative leads, such as who is funding individual Chinese students and which students, after graduation with a computer or other science degree, seek employment with a high-tech company.”

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ABC 20/20 Exclusive: Inside the Bodies Exhibit--Video

Promoter Insists "Bodies Revealed" are Donated
Written for the web by George Warren

ReporterReporter Brian Ross uncovered evidence some of the bodies used by Premier Exhibitions may be those of executed prisonersAn ABC News 20/20 investigation challenges the source of human bodiesprovided to the company behind public displays in Sacramento and other cities.Premier Exhibitions, which brought the "Bodies Revealed" show to Sacramentoin December, claims all the plasticized corpses come from individuals whodonated their bodies to medical science.The company says, however, bodies used in its other exhibits were unclaimedor unidentified bodies provided by a medical university in the Chinese cityof Dalian.
ABC News 20/20 reporter Brian Ross travelled to China to speak to the president of the medical school, who denied a relationship with PremierExhibitions."They don't give any bodies, they say, to anybody connected with puttingthem on display in the United States. They don't know about PremierExhibitions," Ross said in a satellite interview with News10.Ross said he found evidence that at least some of the bodies are those ofexecuted prisoners bought in a thriving Chinese black market.
Assem. Fiona Ma, D-San Francisco, has authored legislation that wouldrequire exhibitors of human bodies to prove the corpses were donated."We need to better regulate these shows to make sure that these bodies are,indeed, donated," she said. Ma's 7_amended_asm_v96.html> Assembly Bill 1519 has been approved by the stateAssembly and awaits action in the state Senate.
In an e-mail, a spokesperson for Premier Exhibitions insisted, "All of thebodies and organ specimens in 'Bodies Revealed' came from individuals whochose to donate their bodies to accredited medical universities... for thepurpose of study and education. All individuals died from natural causes."The spokesperson goes on to say that 20/20's report only pertained to"Bodies...The Exhibition" which is also run by Premier Exhibitions.
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"If the Chinese does not care why should you?"

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From: Judy Lai []
Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2005 11:12 PM
Subject: "If the Chinese does not care why should you?"

When I read the "Bodies of art - or artless insult?" article in the Miami Herald, it was shocking and it made me very sad. How could anyone be so cruel? Displaying human beings without their consent. Letting the world gawk at their bodies with their muscles peeled back, their organs exposed, their skin peeled off and their bodies positioned in ridiculous poses.

The State of Florida 's Anatomical Board considers that the MOSI exhibit highlights the need for the public and lawmakers alike to carefully consider the tolerable ranges within our society of the use of human bodies for science, study, and exhibition. The ethical standards for human body exhibits, the impact of exhibits on the donations for medical education and research, and issues of human dignity and respect, have been the subject of discussion at many venues where such exhibits are proposed.

On August 16, 2005, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance in a vote of 10-1 to ban such exhibits. There appears to be national concern by many that such exhibits need to be better regulated. If we allow this to continue, I believe non Asian-Americans will think we do not care. A non Asian-American, when he tried to protest, was told by his friend, if the Chinese does not care why should you?

Our culture respects the dead! How could this happen to these people from China? As China is emerging from behind the Iron Curtain to become a global leader, one of the consequence is greedy individuals dishonoring our heritage and not respecting the dignity of Humanity.If we Asian-American do not standup and demand respect for these twenty nameless human beings, how could we complain if we are mistreat by others when we do not respect ourselves. Can you see the impact this can have on our communities, our childrenand our children's children?

Please send an e-mail to Governor Jeb Bush ( and sign the Petition at to requesting the Congress to "considering laws to govern the use of human bodies for public display and profit." You are able to write an e-mail to Mayor Pam Iorio, and Council members of the City of Tampa, Florida and Hillsborough County's Commissioners to voice your opinion.
Please forward this e-mail to your colleagues, friends, and family members to request for their support. If you want to read the related articles please visit

Following is the link to Miami Herald ' s article " Bodies of Art - or artless insult?" Bodies of art¡Xor artless insult? The corpses are bent into jaunty poses, their flesh peeled away to reveal perfectly preserved muscles, bones and organs. The anonymous bodies of 20 Chinese men and women are the stars of a blockbuster exhibit that has drawn more than 80,000 visitors since opening here in August over the objections of the state anatomical board, which regulates the use of cadavers. The full article will be available on the Web for a limited time: © 2005 and wire service sources. All Rights Reserved.

Judith Lai
John Chang Foundation, Inc

AsianWeek Offers The Most Complete Lunar New Year Coverage

Rat Recipes, Why Eat Tangerines, and How Much to Put in A Red Pack:

AsianWeek Offers The Most Complete Lunar New Year Coverage

SAN FRANCISCO--(U.S. ASIAN WIRE)-- February 19, 2008-- AsianWeek and are publishing the most complete and most entertaining news coverage available regarding the Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year, and Year of the Rat.Articles include tips on how to throw a Lunar New Year party in style; what to eat to celebrate the New Year and why; who the famous Asian American rats are; and much more. Fun features include eyebrow-raising recipes featuring rat meat as the main ingredient; how much money should people put in a red envelope without being considered cheap; and predictions for the year ahead by I-ching Master Y.C. Sun.
Stories will be unveiled in the print edition on Friday Feb. 22 and are already up online at: new-year-souvenir-supplement-year-of-the- rat/.AsianWeek's Top Lunar New Year Stories:Rat Recipes Link: carte/Phil Chung's Look at Rats on FilmLink: tails-rats-on-film/How Much Should You Put in a Red Envelope?Link: w-much-should-you-put-in-a-red- envelope/How to Throw a Lunar New Year PartyLink: lunar-new-year-fete-in-style/About AsianWeek and
AsianWeek and are based in San Francisco, CA. AsianWeek is the and largest and most established English language news outlet serving the Asian/Pacific Islander American community. It is the only print media using audited circulation and U.S. Census tract demographics to target this affluent multicultural market. is the Number One Asian American website with the most viewership and content. includes daily news updates, daily blogs and the most interactive technical capabilities of any APA news site.
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