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"If the Chinese does not care why should you?"

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When I read the "Bodies of art - or artless insult?" article in the Miami Herald, it was shocking and it made me very sad. How could anyone be so cruel? Displaying human beings without their consent. Letting the world gawk at their bodies with their muscles peeled back, their organs exposed, their skin peeled off and their bodies positioned in ridiculous poses.

The State of Florida 's Anatomical Board considers that the MOSI exhibit highlights the need for the public and lawmakers alike to carefully consider the tolerable ranges within our society of the use of human bodies for science, study, and exhibition. The ethical standards for human body exhibits, the impact of exhibits on the donations for medical education and research, and issues of human dignity and respect, have been the subject of discussion at many venues where such exhibits are proposed.

On August 16, 2005, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance in a vote of 10-1 to ban such exhibits. There appears to be national concern by many that such exhibits need to be better regulated. If we allow this to continue, I believe non Asian-Americans will think we do not care. A non Asian-American, when he tried to protest, was told by his friend, if the Chinese does not care why should you?

Our culture respects the dead! How could this happen to these people from China? As China is emerging from behind the Iron Curtain to become a global leader, one of the consequence is greedy individuals dishonoring our heritage and not respecting the dignity of Humanity.If we Asian-American do not standup and demand respect for these twenty nameless human beings, how could we complain if we are mistreat by others when we do not respect ourselves. Can you see the impact this can have on our communities, our childrenand our children's children?

Please send an e-mail to Governor Jeb Bush ( and sign the Petition at to requesting the Congress to "considering laws to govern the use of human bodies for public display and profit." You are able to write an e-mail to Mayor Pam Iorio, and Council members of the City of Tampa, Florida and Hillsborough County's Commissioners to voice your opinion.
Please forward this e-mail to your colleagues, friends, and family members to request for their support. If you want to read the related articles please visit

Following is the link to Miami Herald ' s article " Bodies of Art - or artless insult?" Bodies of art¡Xor artless insult? The corpses are bent into jaunty poses, their flesh peeled away to reveal perfectly preserved muscles, bones and organs. The anonymous bodies of 20 Chinese men and women are the stars of a blockbuster exhibit that has drawn more than 80,000 visitors since opening here in August over the objections of the state anatomical board, which regulates the use of cadavers. The full article will be available on the Web for a limited time: © 2005 and wire service sources. All Rights Reserved.

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