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FBI Thinks China is Greatest Threat -

Date: Nov 5, 2007
Sent by: Judy Lai

I am concern about the public's view about the "Chinese" and many of them will not know the difference between the Chinese and the Asian from other region of Asia, such as Vincent Chin's case twenty five years ago.

After 911 we could see how is the Mideast-American been treated. If any thing happen between USA and China in the future, we the Asian American will be at the firing line.
I do believe we have to reach out to the mainstream, to build up the goodwill in the community. Each of us can play a part of this to helping our public image.

We should remember the Generosity of the American for allow us to living in our American dream, it is time to give back. Please keep this in your heart for our Children and the next generation to come.

Judith Lai
John Chang Foundation, Inc

FBI Thinks China Is Greatest Threat

The Federal Bureau of Investigation believes that China poses the greatest threat to the U.S. in terms of espionage — and that thousands of “front companies” in America have been set up to aid Chinese spying, according to the Maldon Institute. A new report from the respected think tank, titled “The Chinese Secret Intelligence Service,” warns, “China’s intelligence services today consist of a vast shadowy organization that employs approximately 2 million full- or part-time agents. “Federal officials in the United States, in numerous interviews during the past year, say and have said that there are more foreign spies operating in the United States than during the Cold War . . . “In size and numbers, no country now can equal the numbers of Chinese spies in our country.”
The report quotes David Szady, FBI assistant director for counterintelligence, who said in a recent interview that the Chinese spymasters “figured out that what they want is throughout the United States, not just embassies, not just consulates. It’s a major effort.”
The Maldon Institute report states: “The FBI believes that for the next 10 to 15 years, China is the greatest threat to the United States. “The Bureau believes that today there are more than 3,000 ‘front’ companies in America whose real job is to direct espionage efforts. Then there are thousands of Chinese visitors, students and business people: how many of them have tasks to perform for Beijing’s Ministry of State Security?”
A great deal of the FBI’s information comes from the highest-ranking Chinese defector to arrive in Washington: Xu Junping, director of Strategy in Beijing’s Defense Ministry.
He claims that for five years he oversaw all operations against the U.S. and set up the business plans for the more than 3,000 Chinese companies launched to operate across the United States, according to the report. The report also intimates the success of the Chinese espionage: “An analyst in the Defense Intelligence Agency informed a colleague that during the past three years, the Chinese have stolen $24 billion worth of secrets, and that many of these items enabled Beijing to accelerate its space program . . . “The FBI also is following up on a number of investigative leads, such as who is funding individual Chinese students and which students, after graduation with a computer or other science degree, seek employment with a high-tech company.”

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